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Автор Тема: интервью с Ben Brode  (Прочитано 1660 раз)


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интервью с Ben Brode
: 12 Декабрь, 2013, 22:31:56
Turn2 - Hearthstone Senior Game Designer Ben Brode
интерьвю с ведущим разработчиком ХС
PS может люди свободно владеющие языком переведут тезисно, а то я на слух не все уловил
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Re: интервью с Ben Brode
Ответ №1 : 13 Декабрь, 2013, 00:32:56
субтитры бы...
В ком юмор вызывает зло, тому с умом не повезло (с)


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Re: интервью с Ben Brode
Ответ №2 : 13 Декабрь, 2013, 09:24:36
Может Анимезис что-то подскажет или Старик. Я перевожу очень тяжко через Google Translate и потом уже текст рифтую ;D
Арена 0-3 выполнено: рога, шаман.


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Re: интервью с Ben Brode
Ответ №3 : 13 Декабрь, 2013, 10:23:10
Вот достал основные моменты интервью :

    Ben has Best laugh on team5
    Mage probably just strong in meta
        Prefer to let Meta evolve before making changes
    Open Beta probably not this year
    Blood Imp change is on the “watch list”
    Hard to make neutral spells

    The Coin

    once upon a time there was no coin
    players going first used to win 80% without coin in game
    55%/45% first turn/second turn winrate is “within range”
    They tried 1/1 starting in play for player 2, and first minion getting +1/+1
    The coin brought it to almost 50/50 still slightly favors turn1
    The coin being a spell is already a game mechanic, less confusing, less to teach
    From balance perspective the 50/50 is based on the coin being a spell

    Hand Sizes
    Mulligan for turn1 is weaker
    Going first is already better, so nothing to make turn2 stronger
    Up to 6% better to go first for some classes
    Want to put less emphasis on the “coin flip” of going first or second

    Unranked Arena
    Worried about people who are played to play arena
    Free arena run designed to combat that (show how fun arena is)
    Philosophy of features/modes – passionate about controlling the amount of stuff that clutters the interface
    Hearthstone options/UI is excessively simple to make it very accessible
    Fewer buckets to seperate players into

    Around the release of the game, but not sure of the timeline

    getting pace of new cards correct very important
    Still closed beta, most people haven’t played yet, especially ipad/mobile market
    Don’t want to overwhelm people new to CCGs
    Expansions are coming, just need to find the right pace

    Single Player Adventures
    Earn cards that you can take into multiplayer
    cCrazy new stuff coming in the adventures, new directions inside the current mechanics

Ммм... фри арена,  к чему такая щедрость от близов )))
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